Thursday, October 27, 2016

Love&Co Event @The Garden

感谢Love&Co让我有机会参与它们的活动. 在上一个星期的活动上不只看到了好多好漂亮的钻石戒指款式也对钻石戒指有更深一层的了解~ 而且Love&Co 还是亚洲第一位发布“New Digitalised Diamond Shopping Experience”- by Sarine Profile Technologies~ 每颗Love&Co钻石都是独一无二!

怎么说呢,就是每颗Love&Co的钻石里面都是使用了高科技刻上了玫瑰图案~ 这个图案我们用肉眼看不见, 所以呢它们很贴心的为每个顾客准备了一个属于自己钻石的网站!顾客不只可以看见自己钻石里面刻上的玫瑰, 还可以360度欣赏自己的钻石! 所以Love&Co就称上了世界最浪漫的钻石~

活动还没正式开始就感觉很兴奋了, 长这么大还真第一次要对钻石有深一层的去了解~ 而且每一个款式都太美了啦! 刚开始进来拍照就觉得噢买噶~~好想JIA! 哈哈..你们知道的! “坏笑”真的好喜欢本身最喜欢的是最新的款式, 钻石戒指还是个蝴蝶结呢整个好少女~ 非常适合当情侣戒指PLSSS~

我说的就是以上这些款式~ 是不是很好看ㅠㅠ好看得快要流泪了哈哈.. 你们看了喜欢可以带男亲去经过Love&Co一下下”女孩的计划木哈哈” 要听我的亲身经历的话我可以说说, 那天我带冯经过了还说( 就是这款是不是很好看! 我的size9 要记得) 哈哈不时不时提醒一下结果他说忘了哪款xD

贴心的Love&Co 还为我们准备了英式茶与小甜点, 
好喜欢它们的茶 柜姐也有跟我讲解了这是它们店特别订回来 可惜忘了什么茶名~

关于Love&Co的钻石讲解, 这里有一小段给不会看中文的读者 :)

Revolutionising the diamond experience, Love&Co is the first jeweller in Asia to adopt the Sarine Profile and light performance grading system with the introduction of a digitized diamond experience for consumers with the light performance report. In collaboration with Sarine Technologies – a worldwide leader in the development and manufacturing of advanced evaluation, planning, processing, and finishing systems for diamond and gemstone production – Love&Co, offers customers a comprehensive digital diamond report including light performance of the signature LVC Lovemark diamond.

With the introduction of the digital report, Love&Co provides customers with instant access to a diamond’s information as well as to help them better understand the unique qualities of every LVC Lovemark diamond. This enhanced digital diamond experience helps customers analyse the diamond’s beauty objectively and scientifically, beyond the conventional 4C grading parameters (Cut, Clarity, Colour, Carat), and is easily accessible through the Internet. 

Using state-of-the-art equipment and technology, Love&Co strives to provides its customers with in-depth information of the exquisite LVC Lovemark diamond that boasts 360’ of ultimate light performance like no other.

Accessible via web and mobile, the digital diamond report is sent instantly to a customer’s mobile phone, email, giving them the opportunity to share their diamond beauty with family, friends and on their social media pages. The digital diamond report contains provides pertinent information of the diamond – Light Performance, Rose Hallmark, International Certification Number, Cut and Proportions and the actual images and video of the diamond u-close. :)

Offering a differentiated diamond experience, the comprehensive report features a summary of the Ultimate Light Performance grade of every LVC Lovemark diamond based on the four key parameters – Brilliance, Sparkle, Fire and Light Symmetry, The light performance grading is a scientific and objective way of measuring the true beauty, every report assures customers the ultimate grading of the LVC Lovemark diamond. Additionally, the Cut & Craftsmanship experience provides an accurate illustration of the diamond’s true ‘Ideal Cut’ dimensions and proportions.

With the ability to provide the actual video of the diamond, Diamond Imaging shows customers precise image of their diamonds under normal lighting conditions. It also reveals an accurate graphic representation of the diamond’s eight perfectly-proportionate and symmetrical Heats & Arrows pattern that is not visible to the naked eye. This gives viewers a deeper understanding of a diamond’s cut symmetry. :)

谢谢Love&Co让我有机会更加了解钻石 :)


Love&Co Malaysia Showroom: 

- The Gardens 
- One Utama Shopping Centre 
- Sunway Pyramid Shopping Centre 
- City Square, Johor Bahru 
- Gurney Plaza, Penang


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