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Official Launch of the Nomad Offices @ Mon’t Kiara

隨著時代的變迁, 一种专为小型微型企業而设的辦公空間商务服务正在吉隆坡悄然兴起。那就是商務中心及服务式办公室!全装全配﹑一应俱全的服务式办公室绝对能為你的企業提供各種辦公方案!

试 想一下, 你剛創業, 如果你想要設立一個屬於自己的辦公室 你就得租一家店面, 裝潢, 買辦公室家具, 安裝電話線設備, 網絡設備, 甚至還要多裝修隔一個文件儲藏室, 並且還要多請一位清潔工人 …這開支有多大呀! 不想那麼大的開支, 又或是暫時只想要小型的辦公室但卻找不到!

Nomad Office business centre 服务式办公室及商務中心的存在让那些忧虑全变成过去式!Nomad Office business centre让您拥有专业的公司形象,为您提供一流的办公地点,一个宝贵的商务地址,一套全方位的办公服务, 助您轻松开展业务。这商務中心适合小企业主﹑Y世代企业家和自由职业者。只须根据自己的预算选择适合你自己的服务式办公室配套,你便可以马上迁入开始你的 业务运作。

想了解更多可以點入它們網站 或撥打 t(+603 9207 9723) f(+603 9205 7788)

With the Nomad Office business centre, all that is a thing of the past as it’s all provided for you in one convenient and classy location! This new business centre is an ideal alternative for mobile professionals, and especially Gen-Y entrepreneurs and freelancers. Just sign up for a package that suits your needs and viola! You can move in and start running your business from a venue that is fully equipped and will impress clients.

There are currently 13 Nomad Offices across Southeast Asia located in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City, Jakarta, Bangkok and Manila. In Kuala Lumpur there are Nomad Offices at Pavilion, Menara Hap Seng, Menara Prestige, The Gardens at Mid Valley and the newest and latest addition to the group which is the Nomad Offices @ Mon’t Kiara
The Nomad Offices @Mont Kiara L-7-1, No. 2, Jalan Solaris, Solaris Mont Kiara, 50480 KL. Malaysia

Official Launch of the Nomad Offices @ Mon’t Kiara

拍了一些照片, 讓我帶你們看看這裡的環境  =)
設備齊全, 迷你辦公室外還有 冰箱/ 咖啡機/ 烘爐/ 打印機 等等

The Nomad Offices @ Mont Kiara offers an easily accessible location which is the residential/ commercial neighbourhood of Mon’t Kiara. In addition to not being located too far from the heart of Kuala Lumpur, The Nomad Offices @ Mon’t Kiara is located in the SoHo complex right above the Cold Storage supermarket and is conveniently surrounded by banks, restaurants and cafes.

As with all The Nomad Offices, the new business centre provides serviced office suites, shared office space, hot desks, virtual office, meeting rooms and video conference facilities designed with a fresh contemporary outlook.

In particular, the new Nomad Offices @ Mont Kiara sports a hip and modern interior design to complement the trendy neighbourhood restaurants, bistros, cafes and entertainment outlets. Nomad hopes that this factor will appeal to younger entrepreneurs and the young at heart business owners.

這裡大概有二十至三十間大大小小的辦公室! (外觀時尚)

Fully-Furnished Private Office Suites
Any entrepreneur or business owner will tell you that setting up an office is expensive no matter how you try to stinge. You’ll need the basics – furniture, telephone line, internet, electricity, water, and either purchase or rent the office space. It all adds up to costs, costs, and more costs which eat away at your profits.
The Nomad Offices however, provides a solution for modern businesses as you get to rent an office that is fully furnished with workstations (desks), phone line and internet connection, complete with a full range of amenities, services and on-site support. The Nomad Offices @ Mon’t Kiara houses 34 office suites with different numbers of workstations to suit your needs.
You can move into a serviced office suite immediately (as long as the office space is available of course) and the contracts are flexible for short-term to long-term leases with no hidden costs.
When your business is located at The Nomad Offices, you will be supported by a dedicated team of receptionists, on-site IT support, housekeeping and maintenance.
The package includes:
  • Fully furnished office suite
  • Modern functional office design
  • Flexible contracts from short-term to long-term leases
  • Office space, furniture setup and number of workstations according to your preferences
  • High speed Wi-Fi and Broadband internet connection
  • Dedicated phone number
  • On-site IT support
  • Administrative services
  • Pantry with complimentary coffee and tea
  • Business lounge usage with complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Conference and meeting room usage

本身喜歡的是這間, 可以看見戶外! 忙起來也沒那麼壓力是吧?

Virtual Office

有各種適合的個人/公司的需求, 無論是單獨郵件收集和轉發負盛名的商務地址, 全包包括一個專用電話號碼, 個性化的呼叫應答, 呼叫轉移, 電話信息的電子郵件通知, 語音包郵箱, 接收和發送傳真, 免費商務休息室和會議室的使用, 以及免費的展示空間.

適合以家庭為基礎的業務, 需要一個專業的地址, 或是需要一個專業的商務地址和接聽應答服務, 國際辦事處, 希望建立本地存在的自由職業者, 以及新業務的初創企業
VirtualConference and Meeting Rooms
在辦事處的會議室提供企業和舒適的環境, 以幫助促進富有成效的討論, 會議室也有寬闊的空間配置劇院風格的設置範圍圓桌會議, 會議室, 教室, 空間! 他們都配有最先進的視聽設備, 並通過高速無線網絡和寬帶互聯網連接, 讓你可以保持連接

會議套餐還會為您提供免費的瓶裝水, 掛圖, 文具和薄荷糖, 同時提供餐飲服務的要求!
 辦事處在中間位置, 而且環境寬大, 應該會是相當理想的訪問室

怎麼樣? 這新的辦公室概念是不是很好呢!
有興趣的也可以直接上去The Nomad Offices 看看  =)
The Nomad Offices @Mont Kiara L-7-1, No. 2, Jalan Solaris, Solaris Mont Kiara, 50480 KL. Malaysia


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