Saturday, March 23, 2013

Axiata Cup 2013

叮叮’’好康消息!! 不知道你們有沒有興趣贏取獨家的VIP 出席Axiata Cup 2013 Semi Finals and Finals
13/14, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia (馬來西亞 吉隆坡) ? 或者有信心把Rm5000現金贏回家?  :)
心動不如行動! 趕快參與它們這次舉辦的有獎遊戲吧! 可能您就是這一位獲勝者噢 !

要怎麼參與呢? 很簡單! 只需拍一個短片, 做出一些你打羽毛球的一些技巧/ 獨特的姿勢或創造性的動作!
再上傳到 您就可以參與這項比賽了! 是不是很簡單呢?

Hi guys!! What i’m gonna tell you guys is.. I got a good news from my friend and I want to sharing with you all now! It’s an awesome contest which everyone also can join and win the prize! OMG, do you know how much the 1ST prize can get? Rm5000! Is Rm5000!! not kidding it’s real man,okay.. how to join?

It’s just so simple, click and check out their video. and now your turn to shoot yourself and upload the video! you just need to sport your playing skills (badminton), unique talents, creative moves, etc etc… DONE?  submit  your video to (Official Website)!

(1)先到 網站
再把你所拍的羽球創意短片,上傳到網站 (如果沒有頭緒的話可以點擊看看其它人的參考一下噢)
參賽者們请在 18/2/2013 - 15/3/2013 之间上傳您的短片噢!
更多详细的资料請到 .

@ 1ST PRIZE : Rm5000
@2ST PRIZE : Rm3000
@3ST PRIZE Rm1500

因為獎品太吸引了所以自己也參與了, 這是朋友幫我拍的短片 哈哈有沒有創意到呢? #搞笑


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