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KDU Learners Cambridge Campaign

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          what i want to tell you guys in this post is about the KDU Learners Cambridge Campaign         
Have you guys heard of  KDU University College Student Excel at Cambridge Learner Award @2012
 Since 1983, KDU University College (KDUUC)’s A-Level students have readily gained acceptance into prestigious universities in the UK, US, Australia, and Singapore, based on their excellent results. Our students once again have done us proud by winning top honours at the recent Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards ceremony for June 2012 that was held at
Armada Hotel, Petaling Jaya on 22nd November 2012.

Jolyn Tan Lay Shian (middle)
is a JPA-sponsored who won 2awards in the june examinations .

- top in the world award for accounting (A-level)
- first place in malaysia - best across 3 A-level subjects award

moreover, JOLYN found that the teaching methodologies is extremely useful while pursuring her A-level studies at KDU UC because they help equip her with research skills that are essential when pursuing a degree programme. Her mom belive that she is a person who is determined, self-disciplined, and self-motivated individual.
Wong Jin Eu at University of Oxford

another notable high achiever is WONG JIN EU, a home schooled student through O-level who won the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Award-Top in Malaysia for History(A-level). after much hard work and diligence, WONG JIN EU is now living his dreams after being accepted to read history at the university of oxford.
Song Cai Li (left) & Yvonne Ng Ee Lyn (right)

Two others who made into KDU UC’s roll of honour are Yvonne Ng Ee Lyn, a JPA sponsored student and Song Cai Li, a Petronas sponsored student, who both won the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards-Top in the World for Mathematics (A-Level). “I practised very hard and put my full concentration during classes. The lecturers are indeed helpful and lessons provided a “It is not your aptitude that determines your re very organized.altitude but it is by your attitude,”said Yvonne.

“I would love to further my studies in Chemical Engineering and I'm looking into pursuing my Masters later on. I frequently visit the library to gain resources. The lecturers in KDUUC are very passionate, thus giving us the motivation to study. I believe that if a student wants to be successful, he or she needs to study hard and most importantly, believe in themselves” echoed Song Cai Li.

The Head of School for Pre-University Studies at KDUUC is Dr Todd Nelson, an American, who has been in Malaysia since 1998. “Our school motto is ‘Learn Well, Do Well, Do Good’ “he says. “We encourage students to be curious, do their best, stay positive and serve others. We’re keen for them to develop in confidence and character, as well as intellect.” Dr Nelson believes in placing great emphasis on both pastoral care and learning excellence in his role as the Head of School.

According to Ms R. Sathyavathy, Academic Department Head for Pre-U Studies, which includes CIE A-Level and three foundation year programmes (UNSW, AUSMAT and KDU Foundations), KDUUC is very proud of the achievements of their A-Level students. “We are always pleased when students strike a good balance between serious academic studies and participation in extra-curricular activities. And these A-Level students are excellent all-rounders” says Ms Sathyavathy, who has been with KDUUC for 16 years.
The A-Level programme at KDUUC is internationally recognised as the gateway to degree courses in various fields. KDUUC has long maintained an impressive track record of a high percentage of its students scoring straight A’s, since 1983. The most recent June 2012 Examination Session saw 40% of students scoring straight A’s in the Advanced Subsidiary exam.

for more information on the programmes and activities happening in KDU University College, call 03-77288123 / 03 7953 6688, email  or log on to their official website at


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